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Department of Anatomy
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Our goal is to understand how receptor triggered signals drive normal developmental processes of various cell types and organ systems and how (and why) such signals when occurring in an aberrant form can cause pathophysiology.

Our interests span a wide range of diseases including immunodeficiencies, autoimmune diseases, leukemia, and colorectal cancer.

A large body of our work focuses on the Ras signaling pathway. This pathway is critical for many  physiological processes such as lymphocyte development but also plays a pivotal role in cancer.

We are grateful for the financial support through grants from the Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation, the MIT Physical Science Oncology Center (PSOC-NIH/NCI), a P01 Program Project (NIH/NIAID), the UCSF Research Allocation Program (RAP), and the UCSF PBBR/Sanofi Leap to Innovation for Therapeutics and Technology (LIFTT) Program.

Roose Laboratory | University of California, San Francisco | Department of Anatomy | 513 Parnassus Avenue HSW 1330 | San Francisco CA 94143-0452

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