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Our goal is to understand how different flavors of receptor triggered Ras signals drive normal developmental processes of various cell types and organ systems and how (and why) perturbations of Ras-kinase signals cause human disease.

We take a very collaborate approach and integrate different research disciplines into our research program. By bridging biophysical-, computational-, and novel technological- approaches with our biochemical investigations of cell lines, mouse models, and patient samples, we strive to obtain entirely new insights into the mechanisms that underly  autoimmune diseases, leukemia, and carcinomas.

We are grateful for the financial support from the following agencies:

  1. NIH/NIAID         (P01 Program Project - AI091580)

  2. NIH/NIAID         (R01 - AI104789)

  3. NIH/NCI             (R01 - CA187318)

  4. NIH/NHLBI        (R01 - HL120724)


  1. NIH (F31 - CA200342)

  2. NIH/NIAID (T32 - postdoc training grant slot)

  3. Rothschild Postdoctoral Fellowship  in the Natural, Exact or Life Sciences and Engineering

  4. Fellowship Program Outstanding postdoctoral researchers from the Arab Sector

Roose Laboratory | University of California, San Francisco | Department of Anatomy | 513 Parnassus Avenue HSW 1330 | San Francisco CA 94143-0452

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